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Makita JS1660 Trimmer bruksanvisning

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MODEL JS1660INSTRUCTION MANUALDOUBLEINSULATIONSPECIFICATIONSMax. cutting capacitiesMild steelHard steelStainlessAluminumStrokesperminuteOveralllengthManufacturer reserves the right t o change specifications without notice.Note: Specifications may differ from country to country.Netweight

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IMPORTANTSAFETY INSTRUCTIONS(For All Tools)WARNING: WHEN USING ELECTRIC TOOLS, BASIC SAFETY PRECAUTIONS SHOULD ALWAYS BE FOLLOWED TOREDUCE THE RISK OF FIRE, ELECTRIC SHOCK, AND PERSONAL INJURY, INCLUDING THE FOLLOWING:READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS.1. KEEP WORK AREA CLEAN. Cluttered areas and benches invite injuries.2. CONSIDER WORK AREA ENVIRONMENT. Don't use power tools in dampor wet locations. Keep work area well lit. Don't expose power tools t o rain.Don't use tool in presence of flammable liquids or

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14. REMOVE ADJUSTING KEYS AND WRENCHES. Form habit of checking t osee that keys and adjusting wrenches are removed from tool before turningit on.15. AVOID UNINTENTIONAL STARTING. Don't carry plugged-in tool with fingeron switch. Be sure switch is OFF when plugging in.16. OUTDOOR USE EXTENSION CORDS. When tool is used outdoors, use onlyextension cords intended for use outdoors and so marked.17. STAY ALERT. Watch what you are doing, use common sense. Don't operatetool when you are tired.18. CHECK

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Adjusting blade clearanceAdjust the clearance between the sideblades and the center blade according t othe thickness of the workpiece.First use a screwdriver t o loosen the screw.Then use the hex wrench t o adjust theclearance by tightening or loosening thebolt. There may be a slight difference between clearances @ and @ .Check the smaller clearance with the thickness gauge and adjust it.When using the thickness gauge to adjustthe blade clearance, refer t o the table onthe right.Workpiece thickn

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Switch actionTo start the tool, move the slide switchforward, and the slide switch will lock inthe "ON" position. To stop, lightly depressthe rear of the slide switch, and it will return t o the "OFF" position.CAUTION :Before plugging in the tool, always checkt o see that the slide switch actuates properly and returns t o the "OFF" positionwhen depressed.Slide switch7r-IOperationTurn the tool on and set the front endsof the side blades on the workpiece. Nowsimply move the tool forward, keepingth

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MAINTENANCECAUTION :Always be sure that the tool i s switched off and unplugged before attempting to performinspection or maintenance.*Replacing carbon brushesRemove and check the carbon brushesregularly. Replace when they wear downt o the limit mark. Keep the carbon brushesclean and free t o slip in the holders. Bothcarbon brushes should be replaced a t thesame time. Use only Makita carbon brushes.Limit markUse a screwdriver to remove the brushholder caps. Take out the worn carbonbrushes, inser

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ACCESSOR I ESCAUTION :These accessories or attachments are recommended for use with your Makita tool specified in thismanual. The use of any other accessories or attachments might present a risk of injury to persons. Theaccessories or attachments should be used only in the proper and intended manner.0Hex wrench 3Part No. 783201-20Thickness gaugePart No. 762013-60Wrench holderPart No. 410048-87

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May-08-'87ENSTRAIGHT SHEARModel JS1660Note: The switch, noise suppressor and other part configurationsmay differ from country to country.8

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July-17-'89MODEL JS1660E'M ,&,&Mi;'DESCRIPTIONUSDESCRIPTIONMACHINEMACHINE~Pan Head Screw M4x35 (With Washer)Blocks t141516171819202124252627282911111111111111111Hex. Lock Nut M 4 - 7Set Screw M5x12PI" 7Stop Ring E-6Rubber Pm 4Ball Bearing 627LLBFlat Washer 7RodBail Bearing 60wLLBCrank ShaftBushBall Bearing 60wLBHeIicai Gear 4 4Retaining Ring 5-10Ball Bearing 608L8Fan 52ARMATURE ASSEMBLYIWith Item 17201Ball Bearing 627LLBFIELD ASSEMBLYWoodruff Key 3P," 5LinkPl" 5Dust CoverCrank HousingSlip Plate

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MAKmA LIMED ONE YEAR WARRANTYWarranty PolicyEvery Makita tool is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving the factory. It is wananted tobe free of defects from workmanship and materials for the period of ONE YEAR from the date oforiginal purchase. Should any trouble develop during this one-year period, retum the COMPLETEtool, freight prepaid, to one of Makita’s Factory or Authorized Service Centers. If inspection showsthe trouble is caused by defective workmanship or material, Makita wil