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Dakota Digital HLY-2000 Automobile Parts bruksanvisning

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Dakota DigitalSERIES IIVFD DIGITAL INFORMATION SYSTEMThe latest in digital technology for themotorcycle enthusiast.INSTALLATION AND OPERATION MANUALPlease read this before beginning installation or wiring.MODEL HLY-2000SPEEDOMETER/TACHOMETERINFORMATION SYSTEMDakota Digital3421 W. Hovland Ave.Sioux Falls, SD 57107Phone: (605) 332-6513FAX: (605) 339-4106

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POWERConnect the red wire from the main harness to accessory power from the ignition switch. In addition topowering the display system, this is also where the low voltage detection circuit monitors the electrical systemvoltage.A good quality, solid state ignition switch should be used. The contacts on a mechanical “bar” switchcan bounce due to the vibration and cause the system to momentarily loose power and reset itself.Never connect this to a battery charger alone. It needs to have a 12 vo

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TACHOMETERThe tachometer is used by connecting the yellow wire from the main harness to the negative side of thecoil or to an ignition module tach output. The tachometer is adjustable for 1, 2, or 8 cylinder settings. The 1cylinder setting is used for single-fire ignition systems without a buffered tach output.The following instructions are used to set the tachometer calibration:1. Make sure the key is off so the gauge is not powered.2. Press and hold the function switch.3. Turn the key on so th

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NEUTRAL INDICATORThe neutral indicator is activated when the blue wire is grounded. Connectthis wire to the neutral switch or to the negative side of the neutral indicator light.When the indicator is activated, a bar on either side of the odometer display will moveup and down as shown in the diagram.NIGHT DIMMINGYour display system has a dimming feature that dims the display intensity. Normally the system is at fullbrightness for daytime viewing. When the brown wire has 12 volts the display inte

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WARRANTYAll DAKOTA DIGITAL instruments are warranted free of defects in material and workmanship for 3years from the date of purchase. In the event of a problem with one of our products within the warranty period,DAKOTA DIGITAL will replace or repair the instrument at no charge. (The decision to repair or replace is solelythat of DAKOTA DIGITAL. DAKOTA DIGITAL is not responsible for shipping costs of products returned underwarranty or for labor charges for product installation and removal.) This

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The base system is universal enough to fit in either a new-style, clip-in (1995 or newer) or into the older style,bolt-in. The rubber mounts with studs on both sides are used for the bolt-in style. The L-brackets are used forthe clip in style.Mounting hardware and speed sensor connection for the bolt-in system with a speedometer cable.Attach the foam tapeto the case just belowthe chrome bezel.Speed SensorConnectorCable DrivenSpeed SensorRubberMountingStudsMain HarnessConnectorMounting hardware a